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Christian Maturity

Christian MaturityGrowing up.  That term can be used to mean a lot of things to a lot of different people.  In this lesson I seek to uncover why it seems many Christians never make it past the most basic levels of maturity in Christ.

This is a touchy subject, because no one ever truly wants to admit their own immaturity; however, it is something that we all deal with in our walk with God, and something that we all must outgrow.

Although I’m sure many of us can observe those around us, and even our own selves if we are willing to be honest, and recognize the fact that we may not mature as quickly spiritually as we do physically.  Some of us still struggle with the same things after being Christians for many years, yet others seem to grow up very quickly.

Why is this?  That is the question I attempt to answer in this lesson, and I believe it begins with gaining an understanding of the beings that God created us to be.

Do Not Be Deceived

Do Not Be DeceivedA sobering thought from scripture is the fact that, not only will deception come, but that we all have the capacity to be deceived.  We are warned not to be deceived, and even told how it is possible for it to happen.

In this teaching I endeavor to explain:

  • The types of deceptions that the scriptures warn us against.  This includes the Doctrines of Demons and Doctrines of Men.  The PDF notes actually have a little more detail about the difference between these two things than what I go over in the audio.
  • The ways that we can recognize these types of doctrines.
  • The ways that we can avoid being deceived by them.

This article is being released on “April Fool’s Day.”   Given that this is a day when deception is actually glorified and highlighted more than most other days, I believe that my re-release of this teaching on this site is timely for those who will hear it.  God bless you.

Calling and Destiny

Calling and DestinyProbably the most common questions I’ve heard asked throughout years in ministry are “What is my calling?” or “What is my destiny?”.  And for the most part, I never really felt that I could give a real answer to those questions until I realized the truths that I present in this message.

The short story is this:

  • There are two types of calling in scripture.  One is the same for everyone; the other is where we can find uniqueness from individual to individual.  However, even in the unique calling, we should never seek to find how we “stand out” from the body of Christ, but rather how we “fit into” the body of Christ.
  • Everyone has the same destiny, and it is to be just like Jesus.  If you don’t believe that it is possible for anyone to be just like Jesus, then I challenge you to read the attached PDF or listen to the audio and I feel confident that it will be difficult to argue with the scriptural evidence to the contrary.


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