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Give us this Day our Daily Bread

The Disciples’ Prayer Series – Part 7

Give us this Day our Daily Bread

What is daily bread?  Why do we need it?

I believe the scripture paints a very clear picture for us of what daily bread really is, and we see it throughout the old and new testament.

In this teaching we look at why daily bread is all about becoming more like Jesus.  After all, He is the Bread of Life, and He is available for us daily.

We’ll look at ways that we receive this daily bread, and what it does in our hearts.

Ultimately we’ll learn about how God providing daily bread, and us receiving it, is how we have a living, breathing, dynamic relationship with God as Christ is formed in us.  Daily Bread is a gift from God that all at once fills us, tries our hearts, and invites us closer to receive more and more of God.

We’ll also look into the Dark Night of the Soul in this teaching, as it is an important thing to consider in any in-depth conversation about daily communion with God.  We’ll talk about what it is, how we should react to it, and how it sets us free from any false images of God that we’ve built up in our own minds.  God refuses to be conformed to our image.  We, in fact, our conformed to His image through receiving Daily Bread.

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Your Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven

The Disciples’ Prayer Series – Part 6

Heaven and Earth

What does it mean for God’s will to be done on earth the way it is done in heaven? In this lesson we seek to provide an answer to that question.

We will also look at:

  • 5 reasons why we should know the will of God.
  • 3 ways that we can be sure that we really do know God’s will.
  • 5 major points of God’s will revealed in scripture that are important for the Christian to understand.

This study will lead us into looking into what it is to be a friend of Jesus and to be a living sacrifice.  We’ll also talk about reconciling men to God and the restoration of all things.

I discuss the common misconception of God having two separate wills: a Perfect Will and a Permissive Will.  I explain why this idea is not correct, and also offer a reason why I think this wrong idea has grown over time.  God has one will, and that will can be done on earth as it is in heaven.

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